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3 Benefits of Press Release Services

Most companies don’t have an in-house department that manages their press releases for them and need to hire out the services. A company that specializes in writing and distributing press releases can really help with branding and get your message across to thousands upon thousands of individuals. It’s important to get your company into the headlines for branding and SEO purposes. When your business becomes a part of the news over and over again, it will become an authority in the field.

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Gain Widespread Coverage in the Media

Things can go viral in the blink of an eye on the Internet. When you release news stories that are interesting and valuable, the news sources will pick them up quickly and send them out. When this happens it can occur very fast and you’ll start seeing results immediately. A ton of people will be going to your social media pages to find out more about this story and you’ll be receiving more visitors to your website. News stories are a fantastic way to let people know what you’re offering.

SEO Benefits

A good press release will include the keywords that you want to target in the title, the subtitle and the body of the release. This use of keywords will help you with your Google ranking. When your news is released on high-end authority websites you can receive a massive boost in your rankings very quickly. This is an excellent way to create backlinks and best of all it’s a very legitimate way to do it. Press releases, when done correctly, can definitely bring your business up to a brand-new level.

Gain Momentum in Your BusinessPress Release

Whether you are just starting out or have reached a plateau with your business and find it stuck in one position, press releases can help your business gain momentum. When things get quiet you can create something newsworthy and release it to the distribution channels. You never know who’s going to pick up your story and circulate it. Journalists and bloggers check the press release distribution sites regularly. When your website presence is in neutral and not moving forward at all, give it the jumpstart it needs with a press release. This is one of the best ways to gain momentum quickly when things have stalled.

Moxitek hires professional writers to create news press releases that are engaging and inspiring. The correct use of keywords is evident throughout the release. In order to make your company more visible in the media online, use a company that knows where to distribute the releases and how to write them correctly to create the biggest effect. When one goes viral – watch out! You’ll be seeing new traffic arriving in waves.

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3 Benefits of Press Release Services

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