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3 Reasons Why You Should Create WordPress Websites

While WordPress used to only be the ultimate platform for blogs, it has since evolved and many of the most-visited websites on the Internet have been created using WordPress. Whether you’re just starting out online or already have a site, here are 3 reasons why creating WordPress websites simply makes sense.

Word Press Is Free

In order to own a website that has been developed with custom CMS like WordPress you would have to pay a ton of money. WordPress, on the other hand, is free. Most of the plug-ins that are available are also free and can be edited on demand. If you can’t find a free WordPress theme that would work for you, there are a number of affordable premium themes available as well. The design of any WordPress site depends on the theme.

There are excellent free themes available but if you’re looking for something specific you may have to pay a small amount for a premium theme. Most of these premium themes can be purchased for less than $100 and it’s highly likely that you’ll find one that you won’t have to customize at all.

WordPress is Flexible


When you use WordPress you’ll have virtually unlimited flexibility at your fingertips. You’ll be able to design the website you love using a variety of plug-ins and widgets. The design possibilities are virtually endless as are the functional capabilities.

With Akismet you’ll be able to stop spam from reaching your site and you’ll be able to choose from a number of plug-ins to backup your website to keep your data protected. Should your website be attacked, you’ll have all of the necessary data available to get it up and running again. There is no other website platform that provides the unlimited flexibility that WordPress does.

WordPress Blogs and Websites Are SEO Friendly

Google and other search engines absolutely love WordPress and have no problem ranking

them on the first page. The code in WordPress is well-written and this gives you a head start in terms of your ranking. There are also plug-ins available such as Yoast WordPress SEO, which ensures that your site is always search engine optimized.

It’s easy to continually add content to your site because it is so user-friendly. If you have text or images to add to your site, it only takes a few clicks to put them on. As well, social media plug-ins like Social Media Widget allow you to display icons on your pages linking to your social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

It wasn’t too long ago when WordPress was associated only with blogging. Nowadays it is a powerful tool for building all kinds of sites including e-commerce websites, classified ads sites and much more. When you have a specific website design in mind, reach for WordPress and when you need it built for you, reach for Moxitek.

3 Reasons Why You Should Create WordPress Websites

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