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3 Top Logo Branding Tips

A lot of businesses are still using logos from years ago and have stuck with them simply because they haven’t thought of updating them. Your logo says a lot about your brand and should reflect what your business stands for. A logo represents your company’s identity and should be a part of your branding. Here are 3 tips to help you find the perfect logo for your brand.

Appropriate Logos

Take a look around at the other logos that your competitors are using. Do you see a common theme with them? If so, you may want to copy that theme. For example, most bars and restaurants use a crest as their logo and this includes many of the top rated restaurants in the world. You can bet that these superstar restaurants have put a lot of time and energy into developing their logos. When a theme of logos has been successful in a niche, you shouldn’t fight it. Use what works.

The ColorsColors

Having a rainbow of colors with a complicated design can work if your business runs only on the Internet but if you have any type of off-line advertising happening, you’ll want to keep your colors simple. If you decide to advertise using different types of media and formats, it’s best to restrict your colors to 2 – 4 choices only. Your logo will print better and show better when you keep things simple in terms of your color choices.

Clear and Crisp

Your logo should be crisp and clear so that it can look great in both big and small formats. It should look fantastic on letterhead and on business cards and be clear enough to be blown up to fit onto a large billboard if necessary. When your company starts to grow and expand you’ll have more advertising choices to consider with a larger budget. Your logo should stand out from the rest of the crowd when it’s magnified or when it’s shrunk down to a very small size.

Your logo will become something that people will recognize so it’s important to get a professional logo made right from the get- go. If you haven’t upgraded your logo and you don’t feel that it properly reflects what your company stands for and offers, it’s time to create another one.

Moxitek looks at all aspects of your business when designing logos and will show you a variety of different designs. You will approve the logo you like the best and we’ll go ahead and get it finalized. This logo can be added to your website, your social media sites, your business cards, your letterhead and any other type of advertising medium you’re using. The logo you’re using will make a distinct impression on your target market and is one of the important marketing factors that you need to consider. Contact Moxitek today for professional logo design services that will set your business above the rest.

3 Top Logo Branding Tips

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