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4 Tips for Building an Impressive LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there and it is one of the few where you can easily get in touch with business professionals in an instant. The more impressive you make your LinkedIn page appear, the more connections you will make. Here are 4 tips you can use right away to create a lasting impression.

Post Regularly

While you may be posting on a regular basis on your Facebook account and sending out plenty of tweets, don’t forget to post on LinkedIn as well. This is your chance to post about your business thoughts instead of your personal ones. You’ll have the opportunity to attract like-minded individuals and businesses by proving that you are an authority in your field. You can also link to relevant news sources and post about any company news.

Complete the Services and Products Page

Too many individuals and businesses leave this page blank, which is not good public relations at all. Potential customers may be looking at your profile pages and if they see a blank screen they may abandon your profile altogether. It only takes a few minutes and yes – it really is important to fill out that small section completely.

Proper branding brand

Make sure that you or your company is branded properly so that you get connected with the right members. The style of the page should match your company concepts as should your logo and your images. Make sure that your branding is consistent so that there is no confusion left behind for people that are visiting and finding out who you are. Polish your branding until it is spotless and you’ll see results.

Speak from the Heart

While this is definitely a professional and business-oriented social media platform, you won’t want to look like you’re simply advertising and trying to drum up business with everything you write. Sometimes it’s important to speak from your heart and let others know your thoughts on the business and look at things from a deeper level. You’ll be respected for that. It’s not all about advertising and selling things. It’s about being recognized as a business that has integrity and will stand by it.

LinkedIn should be an important part of your marketing toolbox along with other social media sites. This one gives you the chance to talk as a business owner instead of letting people know what you ate for dinner yesterday as you would on Facebook or Twitter. Use it for all it’s worth and build up a number of noteworthy business connections that will serve you well down the road.


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4 Tips for Building an Impressive LinkedIn Page

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