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5 Beginner Marketing Tips for Social Media

If you’re just beginning with social media marketing, here are 5 great tips you can use to help get the ball rolling. Starting is often the hardest thing to do but once you’ve gotten things going you’ll be able to modify and correct any mistakes you make along the way.

Start with One Social Platform at a Time

With so many social media sites to choose from it can get quite overwhelming at the beginning. Facebook is the number one social site on the planet so is the best place to get started. Focus on setting up a marketing campaign there and becoming comfortable with the platform. Then you’ll be able to expand your horizons and start working with the other major social sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Tweaking Your Profile PagesSocial Media

Once you have set up your profile pages on the sites you’ll want to go over them later to make sure that they are working to your advantage. You should find out how to set up the best profile pages for each site since a lot of people on social media will end up going to your profile to get to know you better. This is the place where you get to say who you are and what your company stands for. It’s one of the most important things you can do when you’re first getting started so don’t ignore this step. Be sure to use a real photo of yourself and write up a great detailed description about you and your company.

Show Interest in Others

Social media means “social” so make sure that you are not only concentrating on getting people to your pages. Be interested in what others have to say and start engaging with them. A good rule of thumb to go by is to befriend and follow as many users as you attract. This keeps the balance in play and keeps you social instead of only focusing on yourself.

Share a Mix of ContentSocial Media

The other way to make sure that your pages are kept social is to not only share your own content but to share information coming from other websites or social media platforms as well. This keeps things from being too one-sided, which can put off a lot of people. Be willing to share news in your niche, interesting stories, videos, images and research. All of this will provide a well-rounded content base that will keep your followers coming back for more.

Find out What Others Are Doing

Look at the influential and authoritative businesses and individuals in your niche and be sure to follow and befriend them. This way, you can interact with your competition in a good way while discovering what they are doing that makes them so successful. When you observe others that have found success and do what they do, you can’t help but see similar results.

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5 Beginner Marketing Tips for Social Media

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