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5 Best Android Twitter Apps for Tweeting on the Go

It’s safe to say that the Android Twitter apps that are available today are far superior to yesterday’s counterparts. It wasn’t too long ago when many people would constantly fight with their apps and often give up tweeting on the run due to frustration. Fortunately, today’s Android apps for Twitter have come a long way. Here are 6 of the apps that we highly recommend.


Like many of the other Twitter apps, Robird software had to be completely rewritten about a year ago due to functionality problems. Today’s Robird features a compact and normal timeline, a fast browser and good visuals. It’s a clean and simple app without a lot of fancy distractions. This one is free but if you want more from it there are a number of in-app purchases you can make.

Plume unnamed

This is one of the most popular Android Twitter apps on the market today without any unnecessary bells and whistles. It has a fantastic look to it and works fast. When compared to Falcon and Robird, Plume seems to have a smoother feel to it and features a number of custom settings. This one is free to purchase but you’ll have to put up with the intrusive ads on it unless you opt for a one-time $5 purchase that takes these pesky ads away for good.

Falcon Pro 3

Much like Robird, Falcon also needed to be restructured so that it could function properly but now it’s working great. It offers a horizontal view, which works especially well on tablets since you’ll be able to see 2 columns at the same time. This one is priced at $3.99 for the first account and you’ll have to pay $1.99 for any extra accounts. For many people, Falcon is the go-to Twitter app and there is no other.


This is one of the newer apps found on the Android platform offering a gorgeous look and solid features. It can support multiple accounts and updates are made in real time. You’ll always be able to see the latest tweets every time you open the app.  You have 3 themes to choose from including true black, light or dark. Don’t let the high price scare you off. This one is listed at $6.49 but Fenix does offer many features that you simply won’t find on other Twitter apps.

Talon unnamed-2

If you’re looking for an app that does it all, take a look at Talon. This is considered one of the best looking Twitter apps by many faithful users with everything appearing colorful and animated. It’s also one of the most functional, featuring a powerful interface that is extremely customizable.

The Talon app is priced at $2.59 and if you’re looking for something more than what the free apps offer, this is the one to look at first. Twitter followers worldwide choose this app over other free versions and if you are a Twitter lover you may want to check into it as well.


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5 Best Android Twitter Apps for Tweeting on the Go

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