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5 Reasons Why Facebook Is the Ultimate Customer Service Platform

Consumers worldwide use social media sites as a customer service platform automatically. Whether they are unhappy with a certain product or absolutely love it, they want to talk about it with others and let them know what they think. It’s a natural desire for people to give their opinions and the best way to do it on the Internet is through social media sites. As a business owner you can run with this and use it to your advantage.

Building Trust through Facebook Customer ServiceFacebook Social Media

People are going to be discussing your product or services on social sites anyway so the best thing you can do is drive them towards a Facebook page so that they can all be addressed in one area. This way, any complaints about your product can be handled personally and in the right way. If negative comments are made on other social sites and left unanswered, this is bad publicity for your company. When you can handle complaints you’ll be showing others that you care and will be able to turn negative feedback into something positive.

It’s a Form of Branding

If you are offering something of value you will receive a lot of positive feedback. This can be used to help brand your company and to attract more customers. Millions of people visit Facebook on a daily basis and you’ll be able to drive potential clients or customers towards these great testimonials. If there is any negative feedback on the page you’ll have it handled with your great customer service. You can use the feedback you get as advertising and it’s all free!

Easy to Monitor

When you’re getting feedback in one area on the Internet it’s a lot easier to monitor than when it’s coming in from different areas. There are also software tools that you can use like Zendesk and Salesforce to help keep track of Facebook customer support and when the response becomes too overwhelming you can hire a social media agency to handle the customer service for you.

Taking Responsibility for Your Products and Services

Facebook Social Media

It’s important to take full responsibility over all of the products and services that you’re offering. This is the only way that any business can grow. By dealing with both customer complaints and positive feedback you’ll be showing your customers that you are a responsible business owner. In this day and age a lot of people are shying away from businesses that simply don’t care. When you take ownership of any mistakes you may have made and are willing to work towards solutions to problems, you’ll see your business grow in the right direction.

Spreading the Word

You can also use Facebook to help spread the word about your company and any new products or services that you are offering. People are already coming there to see reviews left behind by other users so you can definitely use this to your advantage. You’ll have an instant traffic source on Facebook and you can advertise the newest and greatest developments offered by your company. Facebook is a treasure trove of potential customers and by using this social media platform as a customer service tool, you’ll definitely attract more clients and customers.

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5 Reasons Why Facebook Is the Ultimate Customer Service Platform

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