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5 Ways to Create Social Media Viral Headlines

When it comes to social media it’s all in the headlines. When you are sending out a message, it’s the headline that will determine whether the viewer reads the rest of the content so make sure to spend some extra time preparing a headline that will get opened. While the content should be excellent, the headline needs to be a show-stopper. Here are 5 ways to create social media viral headlines that will hit your leads right off the bat.

question1. Ask a Question

Asking a question is a great way to get your headline opened. It makes the viewer think about what they would do or say about a particular subject. By asking the question and getting this type of response, the viewer will naturally be wondering what you have to say about the topic. Questions like “What would you do if …” or “What do you think of…” encourage immediate interaction between the author and the person reading the post. Try asking a question
the next time you make a headline and see what the response to it is. You may be quite surprised!

2. A Newspaper Type of Headline

How many times have you read an article in a newspaper or magazine based on the headline only? It could very well be that the subject matter wasn’t something that you’d find interesting but the headline grabbed you! Newspapers and magazines take the meat and potatoes of the subject and turn it into a headline grabber that automatically draws in viewers. For example, if there is a story about a polar bear population decreasing due to global warming, a magazine or newspaper article would be likely to show a picture of a cute polar bear cub sitting on an iceberg with a headline caption such as “This Polar Bear Could Die!” If you don’t have any interest in global warming at all you still might click to view the content to find out what’s going to happen to this poor little cub sitting helplessly on an iceberg.

3. Ask for Help

People that are on social media usually have time on their hands. If you ask for help on a particular subject you’ll probably get more clicks. It’s a natural reaction for people to want to help other people. Base your content around asking for an opinion or a solution to a problem. You’ll probably find that a lot of people will get back to you and offer you advice or information. This is a great interactive headline that is sure to attract viewers.

4. Talk about the Latest Entertainment Newsentertainment

There are countless people that want to know the latest news and gossip about celebrities, movies, and shows. You can work this type of angle into your headline and content when you have something to say. For example, if you want to talk about the divorce rates in the country because you are a family lawyer, you can first bring up the news about divorce proceedings between 2 famous celebrities. Then you can go on to talk about the divorce rate in the country. You can first give your views about the celebrities’
divorce and then have an open discussion about divorce in general.

5. Create a Funny Headline

Many people that are visiting social media sites are looking for some type of entertainment. Create a humorous headline and people are more likely to click on your link to see what else you have to say. There are a lot of bad and depressing news stories circulating through the media and viewers are going to be anxious to take a break from all of this bad news and read something funny. Humor is uplifting and you will be remembered as someone that could make others laugh.

It’s all about the headlines when it comes to social media. Don’t put out a story, a post or a Tweet until you’ve come up with the perfect headline. It’s worth the extra few minutes it’ll take! You may read more about social media marketing services here.

5 Ways to Create Social Media Viral Headlines

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