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5 Ways To Market More Effectively On YouTube

 YouTube is obviously the prime area for video marketing, especially since it has millions of active users and an easy-to-use interface so that even non-tech-savvy people can upload videos with ease. However, getting your videos to rank in search engines and on YouTube itself can be difficult. So, if you are ripping your hair out in frustration because your videos are not gaining any traction, try these 5 simple methods to make your YouTube marketing more effective.

1: Do not make “sales videos”

This applies to pretty much all social media platforms. People want good content, they do not want to be sold things when they browse YouTube, Facebook, etc. If you find you are making these types of videos, stop, because they are not going to get you anywhere. Create content that people on YouTube will want to watch. Two types of videos that do really well and really easy to make are tutorial/how to videos and review videos. No matter what type of business you run, no matter what product you are marketing, you should be able to make those types of videos.

2: Know YouTube’s search algorithm

It used to be that the primary factor in determining how well your videos ranked on YouTube was view counts. But, YouTube quickly realized that a ranking system based entirely on view counts was very easy to manipulate; so they have constantly been updating their algorithm. While view counts are still very important, other factors can now affect how your video ranks. So, when making a YouTube video, consider these factors:

  • Number of commentsyout2
  • Number of seconds users spend watching your video
  • Number of likes and dislikes on the video

Your goal as a marketer is to figure out how to make videos that will meet the necessary criteria. Some tips I can give would be to make videos that ask questions or invite viewers to chime in as this will generate a lot of comments. Also, in your videos try and remind viewers to hit the like button, you would be surprised how many users will do it if you give them a quick reminder.

3: Know how to name your videos

Your video’s title is one of the more important aspects of marketing on YouTube, so make sure you get it right. Your YouTube title should not be a heavily used keyword. You will never be able to compete for a keyword like “cheap auto insurance.” So, the best bet is to target long tail (more than 3 words) keywords for these have low competition.

4: Write a good description

The description on your video is one of the prime areas for marketing. Make sure you write a semi-long description (200 words or more) and that you include a link to your website, preferably at the start. Use your main keyword once in the description, and then use secondary keywords throughout the rest of the description. Good descriptions are not difficult, but many YouTube marketers neglect them. Don’t make that mistake.

5: Make your channel look professional channel

If you do not have a good channel page, then you look like a spammer (to both potential customers and YouTube). Spend a couple minutes customizing your YouTube page with a good profile picture, header, descriptions, and social media links. It helps present an air of authority and professionalism.

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5 Ways To Market More Effectively On YouTube

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