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6 Methods For Increasing Engagement on Facebook

Facebook is without a doubt one of the most important social media platforms. While Twitter and Instagram are growing in users every day, Facebook is still the key area for social media marketing. But, building a Facebook audience is not easy; you cannot simply make a couple posts here and there and then sit back. Getting a large and engaged Facebook audience takes time and effort. To help you along in your journey, we have prepared a list of 6 things you can do to help you engage and grow your audience on Facebook.

#1: Spark discussion with a question

There is nothing people on Facebook love doing more than voicing their opinion on something. You can engage your audience effectively by simply posting them a question, and then letting them do the rest. The discussion will not only keep your audience engaged, but it will also draw in new people who are eager to voice their own opinion.

#2: Make sure you post during peak hours

Contrary to the popular stereotype, people are not on Facebook 24 hours a day. Thus any posts should be made during peak hours, to help encourage sharing and commenting. Obviously, what constitutes peak hours will depend on what audience you want to reach, but generally, the best times to post are noon, and after 6pm.

#3: Make use of picturesphoto

Pictures are easy to digest and people tend to share photos they like with others. While posts consisting of text are useful, a very good way to grow and engage a Facebook audience is with interesting pictures. A good strategy is to post a collage of photos (say if you are selling car-related products, you may post a collage of cars) and then ask your audience to weigh in on their favorite photo.

#4: Contests

People love doing things for prizes, even if they have very little chance of winning. There are tools out there that you can use to organize Facebook contests or giveaways. These not only engage your audience, but new people will be brought to your page by the promise of a free item. Of course, many will not stay, but plenty will.

chat#5: Encourage your audience to post questions

We have already covered the value of you posting a question to your audience, but there is also value in having your audience post questions to other people on your Facebook page. Again, this will encourage engagement because your audience will no doubt be sucked into the discussion.

#6: Use direct calls to action

Do not be afraid to be very direct in your posts. Do you want your audience to like a post? To share it? Just come out and say it. A good strategy is to post something very agreeable and ask your audience to share, like, and comment if they agree (i.e. “share if you wish you were on a beach instead of at work”).


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6 Methods For Increasing Engagement on Facebook

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