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6 Ways to Avoid Writer’s Cramp When Writing Content

For some people even writing a simple page with content seems like they are writing a novel. Not everybody likes to write and sometimes it can be difficult to get into the “zone”. For those of you that want to keep your content fresh and do it on your own, here are 6 ways to cut down the amount of writing that you have to do either for marketing purposes, for your site or for your blog.

1. Add Photos to Your Content

Most people have cell phones and just about all of them come with a built-in camera. Shoot a few pictures that you can use to fill in the gaps in your content. You won’t have to write as much but you’ll find that readers become more engaged when they see a picture accompanying a piece of writing. If you don’t have a camera or have a hard time taking a good shot you can always grab some pictures from photo sharing websites. There are some free ones out there and some offering high-quality photos that you’ll need to pay for.

graphicdesigner2. Illustrations and Animations

Animated GIFs are always a hit. As well, they are something that people will automatically share. You can make your own or you can visit sites offering freelance work to get some made for you at a very affordable price. If you can think of some content that you’ll be writing in the future you can order the GIFs ahead of time and be prepared for your next writing crusades. This is a great way to cut down on the amount of writing you’ll need to do.

3. Make Use of Public Domain Content

While you should always put original content on your site you can use works from the public domain to help get you inspired. This is content without a copyright that you can use. You can pull quotes from these pieces and use them without having to worry about stealing other content. You should never just copy and paste too much from these works but when you’re having a day when you need help and just can’t get motivated this content can give you a jump start.

4. Informative Graphics

When you have something to say that’s complicated or complex you can help people visualize it through the use of the infographics. A lot of individuals have a hard time conceptualizing things in their heads without having something drawn out for them. You can use Paint to do this, which is free easy-to-use software that’s built into most computers. Simply sketch something out that you can use as a visual representation of what you’re saying. Again, if you really can’t sketch, there are a lot of freelancers who can help. Infographics can be shared easily, which is easily proven on Pinterest where thousands of these graphics are shared on a daily basis.

5. Add Videos

Video marketing is huge and you can turn anything that you write about into a video post. Simply take your cell phone and use the video feature to record your thoughts, events and interviews. Place these videos on YouTube and then have them appear on your blog or on your site. You won’t have to write any content but will attract a new audience that is more interested in video information than text.

6. Incorporate Audio into Your Contentaudio

Sometimes you’ll get a brilliant idea when you’re in the middle of doing something and you don’t have the time to write it down. If your phone has an app for audio recording, pull it out when these brainstorms hit and record your thoughts. You can either use the audio recording as it is for content so that viewers to your site can just push the listen button or you can transcribe the tape later into text.

If you only have text on your pages it can get boring. Liven up your content with the suggestions above and you’ll also find that you’ll be writing less. You don’t have to write a ton of content every day or every week. You can spark things up with these methods while at the same time adding more shareable content to your posts.

6 Ways to Avoid Writer’s Cramp When Writing Content

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