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7 Tips For Making Better Facebook Ads

Making Facebook ads is a trial and error process. When you start marketing your ads on Facebook, it will not all be perfect, but gradually, you’ll understand what makes a good Facebook ad. If you’ve been doing this for quite some time now and still feel you’re struggling to make effective Facebook ads, then here are 7 tips that will help you become a master at making Facebook ads.

Tip #1: Consider your customer

Before making an ad, consider what sort of customers you hope to attract. It is helpful to write this down. So think to yourself, ‘are your customers going to be primarily men or women? What sort of interests will they have?’ Create what is called a “buyer persona” —  an archetype of the potential customer you want to target — then design your ad to specifically target that customer archetype.

Tip #2: Use emotion in your ad

People are emotional and you can use that to drive sales or engagement. One of the keys to making a good Facebook ad is using emotional queues to get people’s attention. To give an example, one of the most potent emotions is fear. So, a good ad for something like anti-virus software will take advantage of people’s fear of viruses and hackers on the internet.

People are also naturally skeptical, so a good ad will also help with that. So, if you have a large customer base, say that in the ad. People will be impressed if your ad mentions that you already have 100,000 customers.

Tip #3: Use calls to action call

Do not just suggest that people visit your website, download your eBook, or buy your product — tell them to. Ads should have clear instructions. Every good ad should include a clear, visible call to action.

Tip #4: Use good pictures

This seems like an obvious tip, but you would be surprised at how bad the image selection is on many Facebook ads. A good image will stand out, but not dominate the ad. After all, you still need people to read the text. A good method is to use filters (like the ones you can use on Instagram) on images. This can help you increase the contrast and sharpness of the image without overpowering the rest of the ad.

Tip #5: Consistency is key CONSISTENCY

Nothing turns a potential customer off more than clicking an ad and being taken to a page that looks nothing like the ad. Try and use pictures from the main page of your website in your ad (or similar pictures). This establishes a sense of continuity for your customer.

Tip #6: Know which ad should go where

Ad placement is almost as important to an ad’s success as making the ad itself. There are generally two areas where your ads will show up on Facebook, so it pays to know which type of ad should go where. The first spot is your newsfeed ad. This is the prime ad space, and your best ad should go in this spot. There is more space in the newsfeed, so text-heavy ads should be placed here as well. The other spot is the right column ad. This ad space is smaller, so use eye-catching images here as you do not have a lot of space to make a pitch.

Tip #7: Do not lie

No one is completely honest in ads, and generally, that is okay. But, the issue comes when you tell a lie that is far too obvious. Everyone knows that your software is not going to make them a million dollars overnight. Everyone knows your pills won’t cause them to shed 50 pounds in a week. You have to be somewhat credible when it comes to your ad claims. People are becoming adept at spotting obvious scams, so don’t think you can pull a fast one on Facebook users.


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7 Tips For Making Better Facebook Ads

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