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Captivating Audience Through Pictures: What Types of Images to Use For Your Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, and Facebook make it easy for users to share photos online. It is also one of the best ways to capture your audience’s attention because online people like visually appetizing content.

The photos or images that you share on your accounts can help build your online reputation. So what kind of photos can help tell your brand’s story that will captivate your audience’s attention for a good long while? Here are some tips on what kind of images would make people look forward to your next post.

Product Shots

15It will never be enough to just have a photo of your product taken as if it was simply for catalogs. You know you need to have great product shots, but do remember that interested customers would also want to see its details. Is it velvety or is it glossy? Take a shot showing its texture. Do you need to put emphasis on how small or big your product is? Upload a photo that compares its size to an object that everyone knows of. Promoting a resort? Show off a great shot of the sand or the clear water. Opening a cafe? Make people crave upon looking at the crisp and vibrant photos of your food. Make your audience feel even though they are just looking at it. Feature photos that make your products or service unique.

Quick Tip:
If you’re taking the photos for your product or business, learn the basics of framing, photo composition, and lighting. A great product shot would go a long way!


Show and Tell

Say you’re introducing a new product in your area and you know that people have no idea how it works. Take photos of people using your product or have it displayed or used the way it should be. It will make it easier for your audience to imagine themselves using it.

Quick Tip:
Choose photos where people look natural—whether they are in action or simply relaxing—as long as they look at ease while using your product. Use photos that show the kind of reactions you expect from your audience.


Customer Posts

What’s more awesome than sharing, featuring, or reposting a picture of your customers who are happy with your product or with your service? This is one way of positively responding to your audience. It will also help encourage other customers to share their experience with you.

Quick Tip:
Don’t forget to acknowledge them by tagging or leaving a simple message for them.


The Faces Behind the Product


Who’s who? Customers sometimes wonder about the people behind the product. Take a picture of your staff, crew, or even the owners. Give your consumers a sneak peek of the people who are working to make the business possible. It will make your brand approachable for more opportunities like people wanting to do business with you. Customers will be more likely to send feedback because they know that there are people they can reach out to.

Quick Tip:
If you have a brand endorser or at least a local influencer, tease your customers with some behind-the-scenes photos. Also don’t forget to write a story behind the picture, especially if it’s a throwback photo.


Graphic Announcements

Unfortunately, people today sometimes skip a post if it’s too wordy and lengthy. But how will you tell people about your products or the kind of services you offer? You can do away with the long paragraphs and just use well-designed infographics, a collage or graphic layout for promos and upcoming sales. Infographics are more likely to get shared because it is easier to digest as they are offered in bite sizes.

Quick Tip:
Make your photos or your curated gallery colorful. Research shows that colors help readers retain more information and that they are more likely to recognize brands by 80% (source: http://www.office.xerox.com/latest/COLFS-02UA.PDF)


Captivating Audience Through Pictures: What Types of Images to Use For Your Social Media

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