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Easy Tips To Get More Followers On Instagram

Instagram can be a powerful social media marketing tool. While not at the level of Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is rapidly becoming more important for social media marketers. One of the ways for measuring success on Instagram is by counting how many followers you have. More followers mean more exposure for your content. So, how do you go about getting more followers? Here are 6 tips that will help you boost your follower count on Instagram.

Tip #1: Make use of hashtags

Hashtags are great ways of engaging your audience and drawing more attention to your posts. They were originally only used on Twitter but have since become popular on Facebook and Instagram. When using hashtags, make sure they are relevant and specific. Do not overuse them. Otherwise, they are pointless.

Tip#2: Host conteststrophy

People love the feeling of competition and the idea of winning free things even more. So, contests are a great way of engaging with your current followers, but also bringing in new followers. There are three types of contests you can easily host on Instagram. First, you can host a contest where people enter by liking one of your photos. Secondly, you can host a contest where people must comment to enter. Finally, you can host a contest where people must tag one of their friends to enter. The last
method is a very good way of getting more followers, especially if you promise
to hold more contests soon.

Tip #3: Work with successful Instagram users

A lot of Instagram users have a huge following — from celebrities, industry personalities, athletes, etc.  Reach out to them and see if they would be willing to endorse your products and direct their followers to your account. Obviously, they may want something to gain, but, if they can give you more Instagram followers, it would be worth it.

Tip #4: Interact with established communities

Instagram has over half a billion users, so there is a good chance that no matter how obscure your niche is, there is a community dedicated to sharing and discussing content related to you. Food, appliances, technology, pet products, etc., if you can think of it, it probably has a community dedicated to it on Instagram. Interact with these communities, share quality content that they will like, and you will see your follower count skyrocket.

Tip #5: Know when to post

Think of who your target audience is and when they would be most active. To determine the best time to post, you may need to use analytical tools. The best time to get more engagement may vary, depending on your audience, but generally, the evening hours (7pm to 11pm) are the best time to post.

Tip #6: Ask questionsquestions-vector-66976

This tip is universally applicable when it comes to social media marketing, but since it is extremely important, it should be repeated. People love voicing their opinions and engaging in discussion. The best way to drive discussion is to post an interesting question. Your followers will likely tag their friends to come join in on the discussion, which will then lead to your follower count increasing. If you are having trouble thinking of a good question, consult other social media accounts, and learn from them.

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Easy Tips To Get More Followers On Instagram

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