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How to Engage Your Customers and Potential Clients Using Social Media

Social media is a great way to engage your customers and potential clients. You can start up conversations and show that you’re a leader in the field by becoming a real person to them. Every company has its own leaders and they can be an integral part of building up the brand name of the company. Social Media is a completely different platform, however, compared to the website that you are running. Social media is personal while your site should be professional.

Become Real to Your Audience

The more you engage readers the more your brand name becomes known. You will need to become a real person to the people that you are addressing. Social media should not be used as a selling platform but rather as a way to make your company known and liked by others.

bubblesThe best way to engage users is to talk to them. If someone is discussing the weather you can chime in and give your thoughts on it. It’s really as simple as that. You can engage in Facebook conversations, Tweet about the latest movie you saw and even post a picture of your cat. All of these things show the audience that you are real and that you care enough to share your thoughts and emotions with them. Of course, you should always keep the discussions friendly and don’t get into any type of nitpicking at all. This will quickly undo all of the favorable branding that you have done thus far.

It’s Not All about You

We all like to talk about ourselves and what we’ve been up to but quite frankly this can get boring after a while. Try to find out what others are thinking. Ask questions. Post interesting surveys that are not brand-related to get feedback on current hot topics. This is a great way to start a conversation. Find out what your customers and friends are doing and thinking and then become interested in them and their activities. There’s no faster way to create a bond than by being interested in others.

trophyHold a Contest

People love contests and sweepstakes and you can easily hold one on Facebook. In fact, you can ask others to like your page first in order to enter the contest. You’d be utterly surprised to see just how many people will like a page to be given the opportunity to enter. These likes can number in the hundreds or even the thousands within a relatively short amount of time. Make the prize interesting and something that people would want to win. You’ll see instant results with this method and it’s one that should never be ignored.

Join Forums and Groups

There are tons of groups and forums on Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well as on other social media platforms. By simply talking to others on the forum or in the group about their interests you’ll become one of the gang. People there will start to know you and become interested in your business and your activities. It’s automatically going to happen and when someone does express an interest in your product or service you can feel free to direct them to your website.
Social media is all about branding and it can be fun as well. Don’t take it too seriously or others will sense that you are only there to raise your bottom dollar. Be personable, involved and most of all become interested in others and help them when they need it. It’s the fastest way to success and one that will never fail.

How to Engage Your Customers and Potential Clients Using Social Media

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