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Essential Free Facebook Tools For Marketers

While Twitter and Instagram are increasingly becoming bigger players in the social media market, Facebook is still the premier social media platform for internet marketers. Because it is such a crowded platform, would-be internet marketers will need every advantage in order to stay ahead of other marketers. With that in mind, here are 6 free Facebook marketing tools that can help you beef up your Facebook campaigns and put you ahead of the competition.

#1) Likealyzer

Likealyzer is a free tool dedicated to providing in-depth Facebook analytics. It will provide you a comprehensive assessment of your current Facebook campaigns and give you good suggestions for how to improve your campaigns, as well. It is user-friendly. Simply plug your URL into the tool and you will be given a load of information, including:

  • Posts per day
  • Post types
  • Likes, comments, and shares per post
  • How well timed your posts are
  • If the length of your posts are suitable
  • Whether you are using the best possible hashtags
  • How many questions are posed in your posts

The tool also gives you an overview of similar Facebook campaigns, so you can see how you are doing compared to your competition.

#2) DrumUp

DrumUp is a useful tool that tracks down interesting content that you can post on your Facebook account. All you have to do is input a list of keywords, and the tool does the rest. It will dig up interesting stories, rank them, and then queue them so that you can easily post them on Facebook.

#3) Facebook Power Editor

This tool is created by the developers of Facebook. It expands upon the default Facebook ad interface and gives you a host of more tools to create, edit, and monitor your ad campaigns. Given that it is free, every Facebook marketer should be rushing to grab this tool.

#4) canvaCanva

Images are an important part of Facebook marketing, but creating good images can be difficult. Canva is a free tool designed to help you create good graphic images to post on Facebook. It has pre-set templates to get you started. Once you pick a template, you can just drag and drop text, images, etc. It is extremely easy to use and helps you produce Facebook graphic posts quicker.

#5) Headline Analyzer

Do you believe that a post’s headline can determine its performance? Headline Analyzer analyzes post headlines and will give you valuable feedback. Simply input your headline and the tool gives it a grade ranging from F to A+, as well as giving you suggestions for improvement. This is a useful tool especially if you are not a skilled writer.

#6) Timeline Contest Manager

Facebook contests are a great way of engaging with your followers on social media, but organizing multiple contests can be a hassle. Timeline Contest Manager lets you create and manage Facebook contests — from choosing the contest type you want (you can choose sweepstakes, quiz, or photo contest) to picking the criteria for winning. It is that simple.

Looking for a better way to manage your Facebook without having to use these marketing tools yourself? Let us do all the legwork for you. Check out our social media marketing plans and see if we’re the perfect fit.

Essential Free Facebook Tools For Marketers

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