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Facebook Video Advertising – When You’re Looking for a High ROI

If you’re a regular on Facebook you’ve no doubt run into a variety of video ads from both smaller companies and larger corporations. If you aren’t yet running your own ads on this massive social media site, you’re really missing the boat. This marketing arena gives you the chance to advertise visually in front of millions of people.

More and more videos are turning up on Facebook as well since it has updated its news feed algorithm. This is really a powerful and explosive way to capture the attention of your potential market in a fast and easy way.

It has been proven beyond a doubt that videos reach more people than any other type of content. Every day more than 100 million hours worth of video are watched on this platform. You too can get your videos appreciated by a large audience by placing them on Facebook today.

Cheap AdvertisingSavings

When you’re looking for a low-cost yet effective means of advertising, this is the one to look at first. You can have your video seen for less than a penny per view in many cases. That is extremely low priced value for the money when compared to other types of advertising costs.

If you have been spending your money elsewhere and haven’t seen the return on investment that you quite expected, maybe it’s time to look at Facebook advertising through videos for the answer. Even if you can afford traditional advertising, it should be supplemented with Facebook videos. Yes, they really are that effective!

Producing Videos

It doesn’t cost a lot to produce an effective video ad at all. At Moxitek we are able to make your ad and then promote it through Facebook and other premium social media platforms while keeping the costs low. We know that you’re looking for a great return on your investment and we always keep that in mind.

Our clients range from smaller mom-and-pop shops that are just getting started on the Internet to high-end corporations with seemingly endless budgets. No matter what type of business you’re running, we can help you too. The important first step to take is to get started with your advertising on the biggest social media site that’s exploding on the Internet.

There is nowhere else where you can find the same rate of return on your advertising dollar. Any time you’re working with a business you always need to look at what your competitors are doing and how the top corporations are promoting. If you haven’t been on Facebook for a while, pop on over there and see for yourself. The news feed is full of video ads and these are the type of ads that people are clicking on every day.

Your advertising should reflect amazing results. If you find that you’re simply wasting money with your advertising budget as it is, maybe it’s time to make the switch over to a better method. We can’t recommend video advertising enough when it comes to Facebook and other social media websites. Call us today to know more.

Facebook Video Advertising – When You’re Looking for a High ROI

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