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How to Keep Users on Your Website Longer with Strategic Web Design Methods

The most important goal that any website should have is to keep visitors on the site long enough so that they can make an informed decision to make a purchase. For a variety of reasons, people can get bored and click off your site within a matter of seconds. Here are some tricks you can use to help keep visitors on your website for extended periods of time.

Your Content Should Shine

Make sure that your content sparkles and delivers everything that your viewers would expect to see. The writing should be free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. If you are hiring somebody to write your content for you, look for native English speakers. You’ll have to pay more for that content but it’s well worth your money. Otherwise, if you’re writing it on your own, make sure that you proofread it well before putting it on your site.

The content should also be relevant to what you are offering and you should try to keep it from being dull. If, for example, you are offering something that isn’t very exciting, make sure that you add colorful images to the page to keep your visitors there longer.

Professional ImagesProfessional Images

There are a lot of sites where you can buy professional images and there are a few sites where you can find great images for free. You can also hire your own photographer to capture pictures of the products or services you have to offer. You’ll want to make your pages as aesthetically pleasing as possible. This is one trick that will really help keep your visitors on the page longer. You’d be surprised just how fast a visitor on your website will leave when he sees a blurry picture in front of him.

Engaging Videos

Videos are one of the best ways to retain visitors to your site for extended periods of time. You can take videos on your own using your own cell phone camera or you can invest in a videographer to help you out. It all depends on what you want to display and how professional it needs to appear.

Once a video goes viral there is no stopping it. The idea is to create something engaging that people will pass on to others via social media sites. Get people talking about your brand through the videos you release and they’re sure to come to your website. When you place a video on your site you’ll also want to allow it to go viral by placing it on social sites where people gather by the millions.

If your website just isn’t up to par and you find that visitors are leaving quickly, let us know. At Moxitek we use professional videographers to help our clients get their messages across and we have the ability to create viral videos. Check out our Web Design services today.

How to Keep Users on Your Website Longer with Strategic Web Design Methods

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