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Responsive Web Design: Pros and Cons You Need To Be Aware Of

To enhance user experience, many internet marketers now understand the importance of having a responsive website that allows their audience access the same great content across multiple devices with multiple screen sizes.In this article, I highlight the pros and cons of a responsive website.


Enhanced User Experience

Having a responsive website allows you cater to your audience, irrespective of what device they are using to access your content. A responsive website resizes text, images and buttons to maximize screen space thereby making the text easy to read. The images also compliment the screen size. All these allows for optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation.

Easy Website Update

With a responsive website, you only need to update your website content in one place. This is especially helpful for large websites that have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of pages. If the website isn’t responsive, each change/update has to be made at least twice, once for desktop and again for mobile and this can be a huge drain on your resources as a website owner.

CostWeb design

A responsive website is basically a standard website with additional lines of code. This means you wouldn’t be required to develop another mobile website from the ground up, thereby saving you some extra cash you would have otherwise expended on web development costs.


Up-Front Work

Because of the coding requirements involved, a lot of up-front work is required to create a responsive site that caters to all screen sizes. This could make having one a little bit complicated as it requires a lot of expertise.

Slow Load Speed

Responsive websites sometimes load very slowly. This is often attributed to images that are just scaled down but not re-sized to allow for faster load times.

Overall, the pro of having a responsive website outweighs the cons and if you haven’t given it a thought, I suggest you do. In this day and age, it is a MUST to have a responsive web design. Check out our Web Design Services today to know more.

Responsive Web Design: Pros and Cons You Need To Be Aware Of

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