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SEO Techniques – Then and Now

It seems like an eternity since the Internet first began. We started with bulky computers that would sit at our desks without portability and we would wait for endless minutes to connect to the Internet through dial-up services. We were happy back then though because we were able to see a brand-new world ahead of us and we just wondered what would lie ahead in the future.

As the Internet progressed, more and more business saw the potential of using it as an advertising medium. For the companies that pounced on the Internet right from the get-go, they saw their sales boom and knew that this was a marketplace that couldn’t be ignored. Companies saw their competitors growing and understood that they also needed to advertise online in order to keep up with the fast-paced world that the Internet provided.

SEO techniques back then were very simple. Simply put up a website and you would get noticed. As more businesses decided to put up websites of their own, the competition became stronger and a variety of SEO techniques evolved. While some were ethical, some went into the dark side and were coined as blackhat marketing techniques.SEO

These techniques included backlinking to websites by using link farms. It was easy to send out thousands upon thousands of backlinks in a day to unethical sites that were set up just for the purpose of backlinking. SEO companies started offering these blackhat backlinking services because they would get websites rising up the ranks in the search engines. The more backlinks you had, the better chance you had of appearing on page 1. The method was very simple and a lot of webmasters used it and witnessed their businesses boom as a result.

They also had to see their businesses crumble once Google caught on and said “no more” to unethical backlinking. All the sites that have used unscrupulous means to get backlinks to their sites saw their websites disappear from the front pages and move right to the back. Other sites that used ethical methods to create backlinks moved to the front of the line. It was quite a day when Google changed its algorithm and sent out a special message to webmasters letting them know that they were being watched closely.

Today’s SEO techniques must be above board. There are number of honest ways to create backlinks for a site and these are methods that Google approves of. Today’s SEO techniques are more ethical than they ever have been and as a result the authority sites that have quality content rise to the top of the Google listings.

In order to stay on top of things these days, you need to follow the straight path to see results. We can help you experience these results at Moxitek through innovative yet ethical SEO techniques. Call us today for a consultation to find out how we can make your business grow using acceptable business practices.

SEO Techniques – Then and Now

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