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SEO Trends You Should Be Aware Of

Search engine optimization is a constantly changing field, and if you want to be successful you need to keep up to date on all the latest SEO tips, strategies, and trends. But this is not an easy thing to do. Large amounts of work can be undone every time a search engine updates. So to help you out, here are four SEO trends that any internet marketer should be aware of.

Trend #1: Mobile Optimization

Searches coming from a mobile device are occupying an increasingly larger share of overall internet searches. People are not just visiting your site from a desktop computer, but also from mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Search engines like Google and Bing have rolled out mobile-friendly algorithms that give more weight to mobile-friendly sites. This makes mobile optimization one of the most important SEO trend. So make sure all of your websites are optimized for mobile use.

Trend #2: Mobile Appstechnology

Mobile apps rank quite highly on search engines as well. If you do not have a mobile app for your site, you are missing out on an easy chance to get another spot on the front page of Google, Bing, etc. Mobile apps will only increase in popularity as time goes, and aspiring internet marketers should take the time to learn how to make good use of this tool.

Trend #3: Social Media Content

Effective use of social media is quickly becoming an essential part of internet marketing. Whenever you search for a website on a search engine, the second result, after the site itself, is usually the site’s social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Much like mobile apps, a social media account is another great way to occupy space on the first page of search engines. There are multiple methods and strategies for building up social media accounts. Regardless of which way you go about it, you should become familiar with the use of social media because it will soon be an integral part of every SEO strategy.

Trend #4: Voice Searching

Now that voice recognition software is becoming better, people are beginning to use their voice to search the web, as opposed to manually typing in search terms. Of all the SEO trends described in this article, this one is the farthest away from being “common”, but that does not mean you should ignore the growing trend of voice searching. For younger people especially, voice searching is becoming more popular. Prospective online marketers should be considering how to tailor their SEO strategies in order to capitalize on this new method.

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SEO Trends You Should Be Aware Of

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