Software Development Services

We offer a full range of consulting and software development, which includes everything you need. Our experienced team of excellent software developers can provide a wide range of service options including:

  • Application Design
  • Application Migration
  • Architecture and Modeling
  • Custom Application Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Re-engineering
  • Software Testing
  • Technical Writing and Support
  • And more…

Our quick, reliable support services are available 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about problems after your new software is in place. If you don’t see what you need on the above list, that doesn’t mean we can’t provide it for you. Simply contact our team and tell us what you need, and we can create a custom made solution for you.

Our quick, reliable support services are available 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about problems after your new software is in place.

Liferay Portal Expertise

Liferay Portal is the leading supplier of open source, enterprise portal and social collaboration software. We have a wide array of development and consulting services to offer for Liferay Portal, such as: custom portlets development, portal remodeling customization and Liferay theme development and design.

Today’s industry leading enterprises utilize Liferay Portal to develop a professional collaboration system which streamlines the work environment. It is a program which provides accessible content management, professional collaborating, and much more in one efficient system. Here at Moxitek, we offer expert Liferay Portal development performed by experts in that field. We will help you customize Liferay to create a unique and professional collaboration environment which will meet all of your enterprise needs. Our team is familiar with every nuance of this development tool and is capable of providing innovative solutions for anything you may require. Working with Moxitek brings a Liferay partner to your team and ensures that you get excellent results.

This prevalent software development tool can produce highly polished products when knowledgeable designers are guiding the procedure. We can act as Liferay consultants and provide our expertise as a resource for your team, or we can more directly oversee the process as a Liferay outsourcing service. Moxitek can take charge of your project entirely within our own team, and then present you with a finished product for immediate use. We are familiar with Liferay theme development and Liferay portlet development in any capacity. After working with you, we will continue to be available to you as a customer support service, should the need arise.

When your business grows and you need additional Liferay plugins, we will be on hand to assist.

We are proud of our ability to provide software products and customer service to clients around the world, and Liferay Portal development is one of our many specialties. Whether you are building from scratch or integrating existing content and applications into a single convenient system, we are fully prepared to help you achieve your professional goals in a timely and affordable fashion.

Alfresco Development Services

Our company also offers development systems built on Alfresco Enterprise Content management, or Alfresco ECM. Alfresco is a professional enterprise content management solution that is open source and flexible enough to meet a wide variety of business needs. It comes with many advantages, but also some limitations that can make it difficult to incorporate successfully. Moxitek employs only the most skilled Alfresco professionals, who have been providing excellent software development for a decade. Our Alfresco customization will help you combine any existing content, images, records, etc. and give you a place for future content as you grow. We can help develop custom-made plans to implement this widely-used software in a way that will keep you on the front-line of technological innovation. We can begin as your Alfresco consulting resource, and then provide further services when you decide how you want to proceed.

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