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Tips For Designing Better Infographics

Infographics are a great way of conveying information to your audience in a quick, convenient, and interesting fashion. Because of this, infographics form an important part of many people’s internet marketing strategies. Sharing an interesting infographic over social media can gain you followers and generate traffic to your website.

Every day countless numbers of infographics are created and posted. So, how do you make your infographics stand out? Below are 4 tips that will help you make effective infographics that will put your competition to shame.

#1: Scout the competition

The first thing you should be doing before you start on your infographic is to start looking at your competition. Go on social media and use search engines to look for infographics that are relevant to the topic you want to explore. Good places to start are Pinterest and Facebook, but you should check every social media platform you have an account on because you never know where relevant infographics may pop up. Get ideas, and see what sort of infographics are generating interest on the web. But, also make sure you take note of what infographics are not being well received; analyse how you can improve on those faults in your own infographic.

#2: Plan it all out beforehand

Do not open up whatever software you use to create your infographics and start working from there. First, gather ideas. Then, begin planning out every detail of your infographic. Determine what format you want, and what information you are going to include. Write out some rough drafts to see how they look and read. And finally, determine the tone of your infographic. Do you want it to be humorous? Do you want it to be very serious and factual? If you have every factor of your infographic planned out before you start making it, then you will find the whole process much easier.

#3: Fact 01_flyvar_27032015check all your data

Make sure everything in the infographic is correct. All it takes is for one person to point out that your infographic is wrong, and all the work you put into it would have been wasted. Make sure you credit all your sources, or at least your main ones. Adding sources gives your infographic a look of credibility.

#4: Try to keep it simple

The best tip that can be given is to keep your infographic simple. Do not use too many fonts, or make it too lengthy. Remember, people will be scrolling past this on social media, so you want it to be eye-catching, but you also want it to be simple enough that people will actually contemplate reading it.

#5: Make it easy to share

So, if you want to use your infographic to drive traffic to a site or blog, then you will want to make sure it is easy for people to share. There are free tools on the internet that you can use to make your infographic easier to share. Generally, you will want to include your website or company name somewhere on the infographic. Also, make sure that social media buttons are close to the infographic — these buttons will allow people to share your graphic over social media with the click of a button.

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Tips For Designing Better Infographics

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