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What Makes a Video Go Viral?

Just because you make a great video does not mean that it will go viral. There are a lot of components that make up a viral video and in some cases they can’t be explained in mere words. There are some consistencies to be found amongst viral videos, however, that we will explain below to help you with your video marketing efforts.

The Use of AnimalsViral Video

If you take a look at a lot of the viral videos these days they contain cute cuddly animals. Some videos feature pets that do crazy stunts while others show amazing features such as larger than average cats or small dogs covered in fur. Many of the larger corporations also use animals in their advertising since they find that they get a lot more traction out of their videos when a pet or animal appears in it.

Just think of all the commercials that you see on TV nowadays and how many have an animal spokesperson. Even in common run-of-the-mill commercials you’ll often see an animal shot if even for a quick moment. Animals are hot right now. If you’re filming a video, you have nothing to lose by adding an animal to it for more reaction from your viewers.

Cute Kids

Kids do the most amazing things and if you can capture one on video there is a chance that it can go viral. When you’re shooting your video, you may want to take advantage of this knowledge – especially if you’re reaching out to parents and families with your advertising.

The Unexpected

When people watch a video they have some type of expectation of how the video will proceed and how it will end. When you can change things up and add an unexpected element to the video, it will capture the attention of more viewers. People like to be shocked with the unexpected and will pass the video along to others through social media sites when you have shattered their expectations and have provided something completely different instead.

The UnknownViral Video

Add the element of the unknown to your views for extra spark. When you can get viewers to use their own imaginations to fill in the blanks, you may have a viral video on your hands. The unknown makes people think and imagine things. It provides an interactive form of media presentation that can leave your audience wanting more.

Tear at Your Viewer’s Heartstrings

If you watch a video where one person is helping another it will pull at your viewer’s heartstrings and make them want to share the video. For example, if you can capture someone on the street buying a homeless person a meal with no expectation of any return, people will react to it. Another example would be a sister feeling sad and her loving little brother coming up and giving her a hug. These types of videos have a chance of going viral quickly.

Viral videos allow you to spread the word about your business in a fun and exciting way. For more information about videos and how they should be made to create the most reaction, please contact us today. Our experts at Moxitek love to create videos that can spread like wildfire.

What Makes a Video Go Viral?

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