A complete marketing suite - CRM, Project Management, Funnel Development, Email automation, Voice/IVR, Social Media Marketing, and a whole lot more built for Digital Marketing agencies including done-for-you white label services


All the features you need in a futuristic video platform. Create a personalized experience, add interactivity, sell, collect leads, secure, get insights, and more.


MoxiDrive is a Cloud Collaboration platform based on NextCloud. Enjoy Privacy, Speed, Quality and Accessibility for free! Securely collaborate on documents, send and receive emails, manage your calendar and participate in video chats.


Increase your website's growth by using our notification widgets. Create and customize your notifications however you like it. Generate more leads, conversions and growth. It's that easy.


Automate and combine Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, Email and SMS Marketing to enhance business growth. Use Messenger to sell products, book appointments, nurture leads, capture contact information, and build relationships. MoxiBots comes with a diverse selection of pre-made Bot templates with over 30 ready-to-go templates.


A professional support solution for your business. Live Chat, Support Tickets, FAQ's, Client Management and Billing, CMS, and Blog all working seamlessly together. MoxiDesk has Live Support Chat, Support Tickets, Email to Tickets, Attachments in Chat, Tickets and Emails all integrated, a complete content management system with file and image manager, multi-language support throughout, FAQ articles, a blog system with comments, custom fields, custom ticket status, custom priorities, client management and billing system with credit card and paypal checkout, just to name a few.


MoxiLead helps users build email lists by collecting verified emails from platforms like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, and Linkedin. The collection of fake and unverified emails is thus eliminated.


Make animated banners and ads for 9 major social media platforms in just three clicks works perfectly for advanced marketers and beginners.


The Complete Email Solution with Single/double opt-in, list segmenting/importing/exporting, subscription management, newsletters, blacklisting, automation/autoresponder, campaign stats/reporting and


Moxitek provides a wide range of services from Web Hosting to Web Design, Graphic design,
Programming, and SEO services. Click here to visit our website.


Our cloud hosting is the only one you'll ever need. Whether you are a new business, an established one, a blogger, or manage multiple sites, our cloud hosting plans can grow with your business. Streamline your WordPress hosting with our industry-leading solutions. Click for more info. We also offer white labelled reseller hosting.

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Moxitek Web Design

Moxitek provides professional web development and web design services that give clients the most value for their online investment dollar. We are a highly specialised WordPress website development company offering cutting-edge web design services, backed by a superior customer service. We have the most talented project managers and web design professionals who apply their collective expertise and skill set to every project in order to produce and continually ‘sculpt’ websites that draw visitors.

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Moxitek SEO Services

If you want to get ahead, you need to rank in the top ten or the top five with the biggest search engines for your industry keywords—and that’s what we do, all day every day. Google is the biggest search engine, so we target getting our clients ranked on the first page with your industry keywords for Google. We want nothing more than for you to reach your audience with your products, services or message—your success is our success too! We help you get there with content that helps you improve organic traffic, sales and online queries, making your website the hot property you dreamed it would become.

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Social Media Marketing

Worry about your business. We’ll handle the social media part. We will create, post high quality and relevant content for your startup, small business or agency at an affordable monthly price.

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