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* Guaranteed Service: Our SEO service guarantees that at least 40% of your total keywords reaches the Top 10 in Google rankings within the agreed upon timeframe, which is usually six (6) months.

Moxitek has a no refund policy. In the event that none of your keywords hit the top 10 target, we will continue our SEO without extra charge until we achieve the goal. Please note that the ranking guarantee for a particular number of keywords indicated in our affordable SEO packages above will only be considered acceptable when the website and the target keywords have been accepted and approved by our team of experts.

For example, if, in case the website has issues with Google such as incurring a penalty, we cannot offer the same guarantee as stated above. There is also no guarantee in case the provided target keywords cannot be found or deemed not suitable. If the SEO package is customized without the same deliverables expected from our usual packages, the guarantee is also waived.

** We are not required and will not change any of the existing parameters if, at any time, that our SEO experts find that a particular on-page activity is not required to reach the top Google rankings; or if altering the on-page activity will not affect SEO at all. We are including this clause as a security measure for the benefit of the client since frequent or major on-page changes may cause harm to your Google rankings instead or may lead to incurring a Google penalty.

A complete and comprehensive SEO report is sent once a month with regards to the work completed.