. Testimonials – Moxitek
I asked Moxitek about creating an e cover, I must say i was impressed with the time it took to create the cover and how good and spot on it was. Their response was instant.

I am certainly signing up for future projects with Moxitek,  great work, great service cant go wrong with them at all.

- by Amrit
Moxitek did an amazing job on our SEO. We had over 10 keywords ranked on the 1st page of Google within a couple of month. We now have a lot more click throughs on our website. We will continue to use them for more keywords.

- by Michael
Thanks to Moxitek we have a brilliant new website which was achieved in record time and without cutting corners on quality, and I’m very pleased with the results.

- by Sally
I ordered a logo design. They responded quickly and provided some good samples. I asked them to completely redo the mockups based on a "sketch" of mine (read:bad photoshop) and they had no problem with that. The final result is what I wanted. All this took just 2 days (timezone issue for me). I am very satisfied for the service for such a low price.

- by Adrian Ion
Yesterday I ordered a logo for a new project. What can I tell, I was blown away by the quality of the logo. It perfectly fits the needs of my niche. Great customer service, TAT within 24 hours.
Good job!

- by Jan Dirk Faber
I placed an order for an eBook cover two days ago and received the finished version this morning. I am extremely happy with the end result. The communication with the seller has been fantastic.

- by Joe Hughes
Really great logo for the price. So much more worth it than your typical Fiverr logo creation gig when they just use your site name with a fancy font and that's it. Definitely recommended!

- by Illés V
I'm EXTREMELY happy. This is a really big deal for me in a number of ways. I'll just get right to the story though...
I contacted them through the contact form, and expected to hear back in a few days. Nope, I heard back in probably 10 or 15 minutes from pressing "Send" and that speaks volumes.
Furthermore, any correspondence we had was very very prompt, quick, easy, and informative. On to the actual job: I ordered just 1 e-cover to test it out. After the first job, I got the results back and I was pleasantly surprised. With that, I knew we were on the right track.
Then I decided to hire them again for FIVE e-covers this time. I gathered up some very specific "references" and "samples" of how I wanted the e-covers to look, and then a bunch of details (title, sub-title, etc.) Send the details off, and my payment and they got right to work. Within a day or so, I had some e-covers to look through... WOW! Just WOW! I cannot tell you how blown away I was with the results. Exactly what I was looking for. I knew that this was the perfect match, everything that I needed to fill the graphics void in my business.
Not only that, but they offer a handful of useful services (just ask them if you aren't sure or they aren't listed).
This is the holy grail of graphic design, if you're looking for affordable and top quality work - look no further. I genuinely mean that.
Just reach out, let them know what you want, and you'll get exactly what you're looking for. I promise you won't be disappointed. 🙂

- by Darren Ross
Moxitek is a great company. I order from them for some time already... every time they deliver fast, good quality... And their support is outstanding...
Highly Recommended.. !!!!

- by Kris Zelisko
Got my logo. Great service and fast. 3 concepts were done, which I like to see. all laid out professionally. I would normally go to tofiverr for my logo design, recently its been total rubbish. With people trying to push for more money, spending as little time as possible on the design.
Thanks again

- by Andrew
I have worked with so many design companies and I have to say Moxitek is the best.
Every work is done better than expectations and on time.

- by Chuks
I needed an infographic, contacted Raaj on Skype, and very quickly had exactly what I was looking for delivered.
Great communication, very easy to work with, and Moxitek was able to create a fantastic looking infographic with very little input from me. Highly recommended.

- by Val Wilson
Just got their infographic! They are definitely worth hiring! Good quality, good and fast service!

- by Alex
We found the turn around time very good for our rebranding and new business branding and the results have been excellent. Good team to work with and a great pricing level. I will let my business clients know about this opportunity in future.

- by Jason
Our website draws more customers and gives a greater explanation of our company than we could have ever expected. Moxitek goes above and beyond in customer service and quality of product. 10 out of 10.

- by Heath
All I can say is WOW. Moxitek has an amazing business going here. Their designers are fantastic and the two logos I requested came out perfectly. Their customer support is better than any other gig I've purchase. I will definitely come back for more as I need it. Wonderful experience in every way, and very fast TAT. 10/10 all across the board. Thanks again!

- by Henry H.
AWESOME Service!!
I ordered a flyer to be designed and Moxitek and their staff did an AWESOME job!! Very friendly, Fast Turn Around Time and VERY Professional!!
I'm definitely going to be using them again.
Thank you Raaj

- by Nick Diaz
I asked them for product label design, they did a great job. 101% Recommended.
Communication : 10/10 (They respond really fast)
Tat : 10/10 | Design : 10/10

- by Rohit Sharma
Moxitek really do an Amazing job! The price is really cheap for the service you get. This is one of the best service in terms of logo designing and I will surely check out their other services!
Amazing job!

- by Anuj Punj
So I had a huge request for the guys from Moxitek with about 6 Logos, 4 Headers, 4 Covers, 4 Banners, 1 Letterhead, Businesscard etc. and if there would be a ten out of ten points rating I would give em' the maximum in every aspect of the order. First of all they are very kind and respond really fast. You can reach them the whole time via skype even sometimes I wrote them at night they still answered after a few minutes. The ordered stuff got done quick and very very good and I ordered just 1 sample of everything and I still was very very pleased. The prices do not stand in relation to the good work the Moxitek team delivers. I can really recommend them and future stuff I will also order to get done by Moxitek.

- by Andreas Hetzl
Great people, product and service!! Very professional.
I requested a banner and they responded fast. Very affordable prices.
I was able to review the product several times and I am very pleased with the final results. Definitively will buy again!!
Thank you Jenna!

- by Carmen T.
You know when you are not a designer yourself, but you have an idea and hope you get as close to what you want while sounding rather vague with your requirements ?......
I asked for a website header creating, I gave the details of my idea and asked them to ' do their thing '. Resulting design was totally as I had envisaged it despite my very lightweight description and information. Great communication and very, very pleased with the resulting delivery. Big thumbs up, I will be reordering.

- by Oggyoi
Moxitek has been a great asset to my business. I can send them a message and in 24 hours have a mock up of my ideas. Cannot wait to give them more business! Thanks for everything guys!

- by Paul
Moxitek is the best company providing creative solutions for your graphic design and digital marketing needs. Good team to work with and a great pricing level. Highly Recommended.

- by Kris
Ordered a logo with these guys and very happy with the result. My contact was Jenna who provided excellent service! I am very picky when it comes to design and after giving feedback about the concept they made the logo exactly what I asked for. I can make logo's myself but don't have proper equipment at the moment plus too busy, so I outsourced it for the first time and I will definitely use them again, they are very friendly and skilled.
If you looking for a good company, you don't need to look any further, use Moxitek.

- by Kai Koster