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4 Reasons To Make Gifs A Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Gifs have been around since the late 80s, but have only recently become extremely popular on the internet. Giphy, one of the main sites for making gifs, claims to make upwards of 3 billion gifs a month. Due to their versatility and increased popularity, gifs should be a part of any social media marketing strategy. But, if you are still not convinced of its efficiency, here are 4 reasons why you should incorporate gifs into your social media marketing strategy.

Reason #1: Gifs are fast and attention-grabbing

In today’s world, social media is something people use to kill time, and when you want to kill time, you generally do not feel like reading long posts. Gifs are great for today’s social media environment because they are easy to consume, lasting only a couple of seconds. Also, gifs are oftentimes looping so people will likely be enticed to view them numerous times.

Reason #2: Gifs are an easy way to display data

Want to make an informative graphic? Well, gifs are a great way to show important information to your audience. Think of a picture of a graph, it is not very flashy and many people browsing social media may skip it. Now imagine a gif that shows the progression of the graph. Someone scrolling past the gif on Facebook or Twitter will suddenly be drawn to the moving image, and once they are drawn to the image they will watch the gif in full.

Reason #3: They serve as calls-to-action. flat design web marketing pay per click

What better way to show off a product and convert your viewers to customers than a still image or a clip on loop?  Gifs are the perfect medium to grab the audience’s attention without being obtrusive.

Reason #4: Gifs can tell an effective story

The most powerful thing about gifs is that they can tell a short, powerful story in only a couple of seconds. Gifs serve as a sort of middle ground between videos and pictures. Pictures have trouble telling an effective story because they are static and can only convey limited amounts of information. Videos have the exact opposite issue, as a lot of people on social media are too busy to watch a 2-minute long explainer video unless they’re really interested. Gifs are not static, and convey a good amount of information, but at the same time, they load quickly and over in a few seconds. This makes it easier to both engage your audience and convey the information across.

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4 Reasons To Make Gifs A Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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