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Facebook Post Ideas to Explode Your Social Media Presence

Facebook is a social site so it’s expected that you provide engaging content. If you find that your posts have become somewhat boring lately, you’ll lose visitors and business. In order to help you keep your Facebook page looking fresh and inviting, use these Facebook post ideas today. You’ll not only see your old visitors returning but will see fresh new faces arriving at your page to find out what you have to say.

Take a Poll

It’s not all about talking to others but asking visitors what they have to say. Most people love to give their opinion and when you ask for it directly, people will be more than willing to share. It’s also a good idea to let your visitors know what the results of your poll were either during the poll or after it has been closed.

Inspirational Thoughts and Images

A lot of people are looking for motivation these days and you can provide it through your Facebook page. Look for motivational quotes, thoughts and ideas that you can share with others to brighten their days and to give them hope. You can also find a lot of images that are inspiring to others. When you look through the text and images that are being shared nowadays, a lot of them are motivational in content. Share what others are looking for and you’ll have more visitors to your site.

Host a Contesttrophy

Put your posts in the form of a contest and you’re sure to see a flood of visitors arrive to your Facebook page. When you’re offering something for free, you can bet on people to arrive. Give away unique prizes and people will be buzzing about your Facebook page and letting others know about your contest. Hosting a contest is one of the fastest ways to see an explosion of new people at your page and to accumulate likes for it.

Share Your Food

Don’t be afraid to take a picture of a great meal that you’ve enjoyed at your favorite restaurant. Food is trending right now on Facebook and if you can show a fantastic picture of something you’ve cooked or have been served at a restaurant, people will find it fascinating. Recipes are also big right now but only if they are accompanied by a clear, vivid image showing the finished product. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

Use these Facebook content ideas to your advantage today to see a stream of new visitors arriving. Social media is just that – social – and should never be boring. In fact, if you are only posting dull content every day, you should stop and switch to adding one exciting post every week instead. It really is that important.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with content for your Facebook page or your other social media site pages, contact us here at Moxitek today. We can help you with your social media content so that you can reap the rewards of vibrant and exciting images, text and videos.

Facebook Post Ideas to Explode Your Social Media Presence

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