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How To Use Pinterest To Help Your Business

Pinterest is a free to use photo sharing website. Although it is not as famous or as popular as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pinterest can still be a valuable social media marketing platform. Over 100 million people are active on Pinterest. You may think that Pinterest is not worth your time, after all, most of the photos showcased there are of food, home décor, or random beautiful people walking down the street. But according to a study done by Pinterest, some 40 percent of the people on Pinterest have discovered a product on the site, and another 30 percent actually purchased a product using a link they found on Pinterest. So clearly Pinterest can have great value for your business. But, how do you go about marketing on Pinterest? After all, it is quite different than other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Below are 7 tips to help you market your business on Pinterest.

#1: Make all your information visible on Pinterest

First thing’s first, make sure you include your company name and official website on your Pinterest profile. Additionally, link your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your Pinterest account for extra visibility.

Whenever you post a picture on Pinterest, you have the option to write a caption. Here you should include your website name and website URL, and write a good call to action to encourage viewers to visit your website.

#2: Make your website compatible with Pinterest

Add a “pin it” button to your website. This allows you to instantly post any interesting pictures on your website to Pinterest instantly. Pinterest has an easy to follow guide on their website, which will walk you through the process of adding a “pin it” button to your website.

#3: Create good content

If you are already familiar with social media marketing, then using Pinterest will be no different. Like all social media accounts, your Pinterest account should be a good mix of original and reposted content.

#4: Familiarize yourself with the categories.

Pinterest content is separated into categories. Study all of them and see which one best fits your business. There is an “everything” category, but if possible, you should be posting your content to specific categories on Pinterest.

#5: Make your content useful freepik_background

People on Pinterest are primarily looking for good content (as opposed to Facebook and Twitter, which people browse to kill time). So make sure your content offers something of value. People on Pinterest love reading do-it-yourself tips, so post something related to crafts or life hacks. If your business does not allow you to do posts like that, then you can always make interesting infographics, which also do very well on Pinterest.

#6: Keep a close eye on analytics

Pinterest has a number of analytical tools — use them to check how useful your pin button is, to check what comments and boards get the best reception, what posts generate the most comments, etc. If you are familiar with social media marketing, then you know how important analytics are for other social media platforms, and the same is true with Pinterest.

#7: Encourage your customers to post on your Pinterest board

What better way to drive engagement than by encouraging fans and customers to post on your Pinterest board. If your customers have a cool photo of your product or an interesting story to tell, then encourage them to post it on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great way of showcasing customer testimonials without looking intrusive and fake.

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How To Use Pinterest To Help Your Business

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