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What Is Remarketing and How Can It Help My Business?

Remarketing is a form of advertising that shows ads to viewers that have come to your website already or have used one of your mobile apps. When somebody exits your website without having made a purchase, you can connect with them once again by displaying relevant ads on their computers or mobile devices.

Remarketing gives you a chance to boost your sales by showing ads to people that you know are already interested in what you have to offer. You can also use it to help with branding efforts by getting the word out about your company and the products and services it offers. As well, remarketing can be used to increase the amount of leads you receive and is an effective and strategic form of advertising.

AdWords Remarketing

Google provides AdWords remarketing as a form of targeted advertising that can lead to more sales. If you find that you are losing a lot of customers on your website you should definitely take a look at your site to see how it can be changed to keep visitors there but you should also make use of remarketing to get those visitors back.

Remarketing through AdWords is an affordable way to reach your targeted market without the use of surveys or other methods. You know that the customers that landed on your website already had an interest in what you’re offering and they are the most targeted set of individuals to be found. By reaching out to them again and again, you may end up saving a sale and increasing your bottom dollar.

Remarketing FeaturesRemarketing target

Here are just a few of the remarkable features provided with this advertising strategy:

Create ads easily –

Produce dynamic ads using the Ad Gallery. You’ll be able to incorporate videos, images and text into your ads for more appeal.

Affordable pricing –

High-performance campaigns can be created using bid strategies that are automated using return on advertising spending or cost per action methods. With real-time bidding you’ll find out what the optimal bid would be for the person seeing your ad so that you can win the auction at the lowest price.

Targeted lists –

You can make your lists even more targeted by customizing them to meet your marketing goals. As an example, you can create a list of viewers that abandoned the shopping cart and didn’t finish the transaction. This is a gold mine of targeted prospects and something that you should consider using as a business professional.

If you haven’t heard about remarketing before, now is the time to learn more about it. Contact us here at Moxitek to find out how this ingenious form of advertising can help bring your company up to a brand-new level through targeted visitors. This is the type of marketing that the big boys use and until recently it has been kept a secret.

Now it’s your turn to tap into this resource that’s easy on the pocketbook and has the potential to grow your company like never before.

What Is Remarketing and How Can It Help My Business?

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